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Two New Choral-Music Recordings

The New Yorker - 6 hours ago
Many choral ensembles are firmly centered on performing the music of the past: either the early-music repertory prized by such groups as New York's Tenet or Boston's Blue Heron, or else the...

Miami Music Week 2017: The Best Things to Do Friday

Miami New Times - 6 hours ago
One of the luxuries of a metropolis like Miami hosting an internationally revered festival such as Ultra is that the music bleeds into all the city's nooks and crannies. The have-nots, those...

Just Off Music Row, Nashville's R&B Scene Thrives

NPR - 11 hours ago
The city's Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum devoted a lavish exhibit to the period from the mid-1940s up through the '60s when the influence of the R&B programming on local radio...

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates 50 years

The Tennessean - 5 hours ago
Kyle Young's first day of work was Apr. 30, 1976. The 22-year-old had answered a newspaper ad seeking ticket takers for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Music Row. The pay was $2.15...

'Beauty And The Beast,' Music, And More From South By Southwest

NPR - 5 hours ago
After that, we move on to our rundown of some of the music Katie and Stephen enjoyed at this year's South By Southwest music festival. Remember, until March 31, you can still download the Austin...

ISU music fest returns with new sounds

Bloomington Pantagraph - 5 hours ago
According to festival organizer Carl Schimmel, Red Note's mission, begun in 2008, is "to celebrate contemporary concert music in all its many modes — from electro-acoustic multimedia...

The unsung women of video game music

Polygon - 3 hours ago
The latest episode of Game Maker's Toolkit, Mark Brown's insightful web series about game design, breaks down what makes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's soundtrack so powerful....

Experimental music video changes every time you play it

Engadget - 8 hours ago
Artists and scientists say breakthroughs are often "lucky accidents," but one band is basing an entire music video on that premise. The song Midnight Oil from UK-based Shaking Chains uses...

Museum Music, 'Flutile' Endeavors And Classic Music in Seguin: Your Weekend's Here!

Texas Public Radio - 9 hours ago
And their big inspiration for the music they will be playing is the current exhibition, Monet to Matisse. Your admission to the museum gets the music, too. Also Sunday afternoon, hit the road to...

Pinch: "Dance music must guard against turning into a homogenous mush"

Mixmag - 9 hours ago
Ask any old-skool raver who was 'there' for the Summer Of Love, or the earlier years in general, and there's a good chance you'll hear that 'things just aren't as good as they...

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